Training seminar Courses for Asset Based Lending


Delivery Method - QAS Self Study:
ABL-Train courses use on-line learning methods that include delivery via computer with structured courses that are made of lesson modules.  Courses include pre-quiz self assessments, quizzes to demonstrate mastery of the subject, a discussion board, e-mail contact to the course instructor and a final exam at the completion of each course.  An on-line learning management system allows participants to follow course lesson modules, look at time and completion in each area, and track certificates achieved.

Program Levels:
Courses are listed as Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced on the Course Catalog page.

Technology Requirements:
Courses require the Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF handouts and the courses can be run on different devices such as PCs, MAC, tablets, Etc.  In general, most phone screens are too small.  Certain sections may require the use of a calculator.

Prerequisites: Courses can have some prerequisites and they will be listed on the Course Catalog page.

Course Study Guide Outlines and Handouts:
Each Lesson has a complete course study guide outline of the Lesson Modules posted on the Course Catalog page.  ABL-Train uses general outline handouts that allow notes to be taken. Some examples and exhibits may be included in the handouts. Some of the lesson modules have course case information that is included in the handouts.

Course Time Allowed to Complete and Number of Lesson Retakes:
Courses are available for one year (365 days) from the signup date. 
A total of three (3) complete sessions are allowed for each Lesson (initial Lesson + two (2) retakes).

Help / Assistance / Tech-Support:
ABL-Train uses a blended on-line methodology that extends beyond the lesson materials to include a discussion board for each lesson and direct e-mail contact to the course instructor.  The discussion board includes a cumulative record of questions and responses for each lesson and can be used as a self-serve resource to explore past questions or ask for further assistance.  The Contact page can also be used for any technical support needs.

Discussion Board Comments:
Course participants that use discussion boards are encouraged to help others, but not reveal assessment or Quiz answers.  Participants should not use foul language or make disparaging remarks of any kind and all participants are expected to behave in a manner that exhibits the levels of professionalism that the Asset Based Lending and Certified Public Accountancy industries are known for.  Participants that, in the sole determination of ABLTrain, are unruly or are otherwise considered to be disruptive or unprofessional by ABLTrain, shall be banned from the Discussion Boards.

ABL-Train is updated as new information, student feedback, technology and content delivery enhancements become available.  Updates will not affect courses or lessons that have been completed.  Materials are updated not less than annually.  Errors, typos, technical software bugs and other changes that are needed immediately are updated within 24 hours of solution identification.

ABL-Train will provide a refund if a course has not been started within 30 days.  After 30 days, there are no refunds.  If courses have been started, there will be no refunds.

Courses are in English.

ABL-Train can be contacted with any complaints, concerns or comments from the information that is available on the Contact page.

Hours of Operations:
On-line courses are available 24 hours per day. 
However, our office hours for human contact are Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm E.S.T. (New York Time).

Copyrights, Trade Names and Intellectual Property:
Clear Choice Seminars, Inc. has registered the courses and ABL-Help with the US Copyright office.  ABLTrain and FactorTrain have been registered with the State of Maryland as a d/b/a names of Clear Choice Seminars, Inc.  Artwork in the courses are original or are licensed from Corbis, Photolia and iStockPhoto.  Clear Choice Seminars does not allow seminar materials to be used by anyone other than the individual that is taking the course on-line, and shard or group use is prohibited per registered user.  No other rights should be assumed and no other rights are granted.

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