Training seminar Courses for Asset Based Lending


You will find that ABLTrain uses blended learning concepts such as self-paced materials, video, slides, pre-quiz self-assessments and discussion board interaction for each lesson in the seminar courses.  Most of the courses are made up of small lessons that take only 10-20 minutes to complete.  With self-paced e-Learning, participants can move at their own pace and in time-slots that work best for them.

The ABLTrain development team includes ABL insiders, professional instructors and course delivery experts that employed best-practices, research, user feedback, experimentation, custom code and state-of-the art delivery to create ABLTrain.  The materials were crafted, not slapped together and not repositioned from slide-based training.  With courses that range from fundamentals to intermediate to advanced ABL specific training, the selections offer one-stop excellence at prices that let you cover one person or the entire staff.

Unlike typical live or on-line webinar courses, ABLTrain requires 100% correct results on the quiz modules (some providers have NO testing at all and thus no accountability).  When a Quiz module is not passed, the materials is repeated (users can skip ahead to what they missed).  This 100% level of completion is both challenging and rewarding and users will find that the missed questions are quickly reinforced with corrective information.  Most of the seminar courses include ABL-Help Classic or ABL-Help Pro reference materials. 

Modular -- years of development -- thorough -- challenging -- expert level instruction -- outstanding materials -- ABL-Help reference materials, great presentations -- ABLTrain.


ABLTrain Individual Training Seminar CoursesBuy one or more course modules for one user and pay immediately with a credit card or PayPal.         


ABLTrain Group Training Seminar CoursesBuy course modules for your entire staff at a reduced price per user and track progress with a supervisor.

This option provides choices and flexibility to take courses that are focused on specific needs of each person.  The course catalog options let you select seminars that are right for your needs.

Perfect for individuals, small groups or accounting firms with focused staff needs.

We offer discounts for multiple users, just contact us to get pricing for your group needs for bulk purchases.

How do group sales work? You pick the ABLTrain courses that you want your staff to take and fill-in a simple form to register all of them for one or more courses. A person at your institution is appointed as the "Supervisor" of the group so that staff progress can be monitored by that supervisor. Each user has an individual username and login that shows them the courses that they are able to take.

Courses are billed to your institution and the price is determined by your course selections. Discounts increase as the course count and user count go up. Instead of having just a few people take one course, you can now train the entire staff and access our growing library of materials for new and existing employees.

Please use the Contact Page to call or e-mail us for more information. We can discuss all of the possibilities for your staff, customize courses and provide solutions to specific needs.


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