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Asset Based Lending
Training Seminar Courses

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"Learn What You've Been Missing"

Asset Based Lending Training Seminar Courses and Education from ABLTrain that are the most complete, relevant and up to date in the industry.  Our catalog of self-paced on-line (web-based / e-Learning) training seminars for asset based lending and commercial & industrial finance / secured loan professionals allows users to select from a variety of topics for individuals, groups or department-wide education.

Choose from beginner, Intermediate or Advanced in areas that include introduction, fundamentals, intermediate and advanced ABL courses for Operations, Account Officers and Field Examiners (Auditors).

Years of ABL insights and education development experience have created an expanding catalog of ABL industry-specific materials.  ABLTrain uses a blended approach that includes videos, a discussion board, self-paced learning, pre-quiz assessments, quizzes and a final exam before issuing completion certificates.  Work from virtually anywhere, 24/7 from an Internet connection and computer.  Learn on-line at your own pace from industry experts and guard against asset exposure from having a better educated staff.  ABTrain offers building-block short lessons that offer interactive and progressive learning from state-of-the-art course content and delivery systems. 

ABLTrain runs on all devices using HTML5.  Flash is not required.


ABLTrain Individual Training Seminar Courses

Buy self-paced e-Learning lesson modules for one or more user and pay with a credit card or PayPal.


ABLTrain Group Training Seminar Courses

Buy self-paced e-Learning course modules for your entire staff at a reduced price per user and track user progress with a designated supervisor in your department.

The Best ABL / Secured Loan Training Seminar Courses Because...

Detailed explanations, video introductions, video stories and expert instruction. costs less, it has testing all along the way and it even has final exams. 

Interrupted by phones and emails and text messages?  Just resume where you left off.

Train one person, new hires or the entire staff like some of our users do.


Considerations / Questions:

Do you want to reduce your total education cost by up to 90% per person?
Are you tired of the travel time and limited city locations for seminars?
Are you seeking higher material retention rates than conventional training methods?
Are you in need of Asset Based Lending specific seminars?
Are you interested in getting instruction that includes testing?
Are you looking for more workshop options that appeal to a wider audience?
Do you have concerns about the total expensive of course costs with travel?
Do you believe that texting, Internet surfing and interruptions decrease the effectiveness of webinars and seminars?
Do emergencies keep getting in the way of a convenient time to take any classes?
Do course times interfere with critical daily job functions?
Looking forward to another education experience where the presentations look like they were done in the 1980's?
Looking forward to another training seminar that was cobbled together?
Does the time for training (travel and seminar time) seem to not fit your schedule?
Does brain-drain (people leaving after you get them up to speed) seem to cost too much?
Frustrated with choices, presentations, a lack of testing, a lack of accountability?
Do those mini fundamentals classes seem too simple, too short and yet cost too much for your needs?
Ready to move past your current commercial finance training offerings to a dedicated training company?
Are you seeking education that is retained, that benefits the employee and your organization?
Is it important for your organization to provide the best training and knowledge retention, regardless of provider?
Do you want the BEST reference materials written by THE authority on Ineligibles (ABL-Help)?
Do any of the above factors prevent you from training one person or your entire staff?
Do items in the above list matter to you and does your current education provider fall short?


Affordable and outstanding seminars for Asset Based Lending,
with testing, high retention and seasoned insights from industry insiders.
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