Lesson Modules - Field Examinations School - Intermediate

Using ABLTrain
Using ABLTrain - Copyright
Using ABL-Help
Hypothesis And Assumption Testing
Average Per Day Calculations
Modified Turnover Calculations - Overview
Modified Turnover Calculations - Receivables
Modified Turnover Calculations - Inventory
Modified Turnover Calculations - Payables
Alternate Turnover Methods
Inventory Special Case Ineligibles
Smarter Extrapolations
AR - Aging Trends & Estimating Turnover
AR - Overview of AR Stats
AR - Filling in Stats
AR - Single Post Method Query Reports
AR - The Phil Fraud Overview
AR - The Phil Fraud - Batch & Switch
AR - Current Column To Billings Analysis
AR - Step-Down-Test
AR - Risk Escalation And Human Factors
AR - Credit Memo Lag Overview
AR - Credit Memo Lag Analysis
AR - Contras - Advanced Analysis
AR - LC & Credit Insurance Considerations
AR - Pre-Billing Analysis
AR - Better Confirmations
AR - Bonded Contractors
AR - Contract Billing Types
AR - Percent of Completion Calculations

Inventory - Overview
Inventory - Joe's Golden Rule Of Inventory
Inventory - Managerial Accounting Review
Inventory - Managerial Accounting Examples
Inventory - Capitalizing Standard Costs
Inventory - Understanding MRP
Inventory - Other Trend Analysis
Inventory - Purchasing Inventory With LC's
Inventory - In-Transit Paperwork & Contracts
Inventory - In-Transit Monitoring
Inventory - Counts & Cost Test Selection
Inventory - Stratified Pool Selections
Inventory - Count Analysis
Inventory - Cost Analysis
Inventory - Combined Count & Cost Test
Inventory - Assisting CPAs With Counts
Inventory - Movement Analysis
Inventory - Monitoring Inventory
AP - Book Overdraft Analysis
AP - Turnover Methods
AP - Accrual Red Flags And Hidden Gems
AP - Payroll Taxes - The Little Things
MIS - EDI 101
Work-Out And Problem Loans
Worse-Case Recommendations
Lender Liability
Exam Efficiency
Putting it All Together
Writing And Communicating for Problem Loans